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Stainless Steel Refrigerators

We are offering Vertical Stainless Steel Refrigerators with one door, two doors and three doors, chiller or freezers. Single injection system is used in the Stainless Steel Refrigerators to apply the polyethan (50 mm thickness) with perfect isolation. Stainless Steel Refrigerators can be availed from us with various accessories as well.

Following Additions Can Be Made
  • Upper or lower compressor
  • Double sliding doors
  • Castors
  • Art lion on upper side

  • Stainless Steel Under Counter Refrigerator (1DRT-BS10)

  • Stainless Steel Pizza Perpetration Refrigerator (2D-PPRT14)

  • Stainless Steel Double Under Counter Refrigerator (2DRT-IT14)

  • Stainless Steel Single Door Upright Refrigerator (URBCG/1D-DC)

  • Stainless Steel Double Door Upright Refrigerator (URBCG/2D-DC)

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